Revealing the secrets of Stock Market with Swing Trading

Learn how we have amassed over 1,000+ professional traders, to add value to their portfolios to gain 10x growth. With the cost of a pizza, over a weekend we can enable you to skyrocket the stock market daily.


2 Day Workshop

Access to the informative live workshop and be a part of the amazing learning and earning experience.

Registration closes on 29th January, 2022 at 05:00PM for the 11th Batch

Strategy Workshop

Day 1:- 29th Jan evening 08:00pm to 09:30pm

Day 2:- 30th Jan morning 10:00am to 12:00pm

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1 Days of expert stock market trading experience
1 Day Live Training on the following topics-

  • Strategies on Relative Strength Index (RSI) & Open Interest (OI)
  • Open Interest (OI)
  • How Open Interest Analysis helps to identify market trends?
  • How to calculate Support and Resistance with the help of Open Interest data?
  • How to use Open Interest Strategy to increase profitability?
  • What is the role of open interest in Futures markets?
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • RSI Price Action Trading Setup
  • Overbought and Oversold Conditions
  • Divergence Strength
  • Hidden Divergence
  • Confirmed Divergence Trading Setup
1 Days Live Trading with seasoned experts.

Step by Step Trading Blueprint designed as a roadmap of how to trade having a well-researched plan in place. This will serve as a guide for traders and investors to maximize profits and minimize market risks

Super-secret tactics to ensure best selection of stocks, finding better value of buying stocks and how to sell like a professional for 10x profit value.

Unique and untapped trading techniques will be revealed. We will give you correct utilization of graphical analysis, logics of Candlestick patterns and secrets and optimum usage of RSI Indicators.

Learning from the best in the market. We will reveal secrets of how the big players are making money in the market. How to track them and be rich. (Open Interests of the stocks)

Creating the best trading strategies and implement them in your daily trading activities. Through our strategies you get flexibility of trading at your own will. (P.s. You don't need to stick to the computer screen for 7 hours to make money)

Planning income of 10 crore is the crux of our course, we want you all to benefit the fullest with our course, and this appears to be the most interesting part of the course.

Who is this course for?

People who want to start trading and get their basics right.

Professionals who frequently trade but are not able to get returns from their time and money.

Full time professional traders who are not able to harness complete potential of the platform.

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Live trading sessions with our experts
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Lifetime Facebook/ WhatsApp Groups for expert tips
A community of 2000+ professional


Step by step guide & stock marketing checklist
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We have filmed a quick video showing you our live trading sessions, unlike typical guru’s out there, we are pure practitioners. We practice what we preach.

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About Us

Mr. Harish Shanware, Founder of Online Trading Trainer, is a seasoned trader and a coach who has helped over 1000 professionals reach their financial goal and earn 10x profit in stock trading.
Mr. Nishant is an IT professional with BMS. He is a trader and coach from the last 10 years and he has trained around 1000+ HNI clients and various trading professionals. He holds mastery in VAR theories of GANN and indicators in the stock market.
Having an experience of over 15+ years in stock market trading, we have empowered over 1000s of professionals with stock marketing trainings and insights. We have come up with a masterclass, this will facilitate all the budding traders and professionals with a go to market blueprint and advanced strategies and tactics to help you make the best out of the stock market.


Sessions 200+

Professionals trained 1000+

Average rating 4.9/5 google rating




99/-  2499/-

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! That’s a better place to start, as it will be easy for you to start right. You can go through the mini-course which will give you clear idea on options & Charting basics. The training does not involve complex Options set-up. So even if you haven’t traded in options, the training will suit you.

Of course! You will cut through the fluff – and know exactly where you need to focus instead of spending countless hours researching for “Strategies”.

Yes again. More than 60% of our attendees are experienced traders. You can take your trading to the next level by incorporating few of the Steps you learn in the workshop. You will also receive the backtest report and the strategy with which you can improve on it or build an advanced strategy out of this.

You will get the complete recording of the session. But in any case you could choose to attend the same workshop in the next available date free of cost.

You will be redirected to a whatsapp group after successful payment. Our professionals will then guide you through each step.

This workshop includes a complete Trading Setup which has been back-tested and traded live – from start to finish. There would be an option for you to sign-up for Further sessions – which is completely optional.